Hey, stranger!

You're the new traveler, right?

The Silph Road Ranger sent me to make sure you're all set up and comfortable.

What? You've never heard of the Silph Road?

Well, I'll give you the basics.

The Silph Road is the name of a worldwide network of Pokemon trainers who've joined together to help everyone. Travelers on the road help new trainers learn the ropes, coordinate for gym battles, get to know their local players, and even plan to trade exotic Pokemon from near or faraway places.

So even if you live in a desert, you can get a squirtle! Pretty cool, huh.

Hey, you should become an official traveler and help out!

That would also let you use the Road to get access to Pokemon you're looking for yourself.

Wanna come with me and get an official Traveler Card?


Oh, almost forgot! First, you should let us know what people call you on the Road. It should be what you're called on the Pokemon GO app! My Traveler name is Dronpes, by the way.

Claim your in-game Pokemon GO username!

And while I'm at it, how old are you? They only let trainers 16 years or older get Traveler Cards. They'll kick you off til you're old enough if you lie. (Trust me, I know...)

Numbers only

(Oh, and in case you were going to ask, the Silph Road network abides the Terms of Service of course. And it's used by over half a million travelers!)



You should also know...

Even though battling and teaming up on the Road is pretty simple, travelers on the Road take their membership pretty seriously. They have to trust each other to each handle their part of the journey when trading starts up, or to pull their weight in coordinated gym battling. Only do it if you can commit to not flaking out. They'll take your Traveler Card away if you spoof your GPS or they find you being discourteous to others. Then you can't use the Road anymore!

But they're actually really friendly. On the Road you'll meet new faces from all over the world! I'll introduce you to some local travelers in a minute! Come on, let's get you your official Traveler Card first.


Traveler Card Application: Step 1 of 1

Now for something important.

The Silph Road is run by Silph Executives as a free resource. They keep all travelers' emails on file and use them to contact you when updates occur with trades you're involved in or other important Silph info. It keeps things moving swiftly!

Used to alert you of trade updates and other important info (no promotions).

Alright, that's it!

In a few moments, the Silph Executive team will approve your application and issue you a Traveler Card. (You'll need that to actually coordinate or trade on the Road).

Nobody really seems to know much about the executives... but the Silph Road system they built is fantastic. Rumor has it they're based in New York City!

Anyway, your Traveler Card is probably ready for your information already. You'll also be able to use the Global Pokedex and report Nests

Why don't we go check now?


Travelers Card

Alright, traveler, you're all set!

You can now use the Silph Global Pokedex, set up your public Traveler card, and access to the rest of the Silph Road's tools!

In case you were interested, Silph is also researching nests!

If you see a Pokemon nest, report in and help Silph create the global Nest Atlas, which integrates into the Global Pokedex.

Anyway, you don't have to report spawns, but think about it!

Ready to get your hands on your very own Traveler Card? Go ahead!

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