The Path to Glory in the Silph League

You can earn special Silph League achievements and awards on your journey to become the very best. Upgrade your Travelers Card for all to see by earning unlockable avatars and badges. Here are a few to get you started!


Earn permanent achievements and awards for your feats and contributions to the League on your Travelers Card!

Have you completed one of these challenges? Claim your badge by submitting your acomplishment here!

Disclaimer: Please note, due to the ever-changing nature of the game, there may be pop-up events that heavily affect the difficulty of our challenges. We reserve the right to refuse submissions during or after these events that take away from the experience and overall spirit of our challenges.

The mighty shall fall! You took down a Tier 3 raid boss (minus Wobbuffet, Cranidos and Bidoof), with a team consisting of up to six unique Great League eligible Pokémon. No reviving or healing, no duplicates, no help, no mercy.

You turned the tables on Arlo, of Team GO Rocket, by using their own team against them. Same team, same lead, no fainting, and no Pokémon above 1500CP.

golden ghost gym

You achieved a gold gym badge without battling, defending or berrying it.

You defeated a Team GO Rocket leader using one 1500CP or below Pokémon and two 10CP Pokémon.

You demonstrated your skills by bouncing a Poké Ball off a Pokémon three or more times during a single throw, without using buddy catch assist before its capture.

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Legacy Challenges

These Challenges are not currently active and the badges are not obtainable.

You demonstrated mastery of the moth by taking down a Kanto Exeggutor tier 2 raid boss alone, with a single Venomoth without fainting or healing.

Other Badges

Earn permanent achievements and awards for your feats and contributions to the League on your Travelers Card!

Influencers and Creators

Get a badge as a memento when you do a handshake with some influencers

TRNRTips Meetup Badge

A badge you can only receive from Nick himself!

Community Day Meetups

Attend a Community Day meetup with your local community to earn these badges.

Community Day January 2022

You practised social distancing while catching Spheal during the January 2022 Pokémon Go Community Day!

Silph Road Events

Check in with a Silph Road staff member at special events for these mementos.

GO Fest 2019 Chicago Meetup

You survived the heat, took a walk in the park, and found one of our Silph Road leadership roaming the park!

Silph Arena Achievements

Show off your battle prowess by completing special challenges in Silph Arena tournaments. You might even discover a Hidden Achievement!


Play in 10 Ranked Tournaments

And More!

Earn permanent achievements and awards for your feats on your Travelers Card!

Successfully created a Travelers Card!

You've waited over two years but now you've got your newly minted Silph Road Travelers Card! We don't want this achievement to go unnoticed so here's a shiny new badge to start off your collection.

More badge awards are available to unlock on the Road to glory (and more will be cataloged here soon - so check back)! Good luck, traveler.

Base Avatar Unlockables

Unlock more advanced and distinguished avatars for your Travelers Card as you advance in the Silph League!
All unlocked avatars come in male/female and three skintones!


You become a Silph Road Backpacker and earn this avatar when you join and create your own Travelers Card!

Junior Scout

You unlock the Junior Scout rank after reporting in 3 Nest Migrations on the Nest Atlas!

Cadet Scout

The Cadet Scout rank is earned by reporting in 6 Nest Migrations on the Nest Atlas!

Senior Scout

You can unlock the Senior Scout rank after reporting in 12 Migrations on the Nest Atlas!


Researcher rank is granted after joining and contributing to the Research Group! All you need is a Discord account, and you can start contributing data to the Silph Research Group's many on-going projects today!

Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher rank is granted to those who've been promoted in the Research Group! Contributing often to projects is the main qualification to become a Senior Researcher. Projects that require a little more effort are also weighted higher for promotions.

Lead Researcher

Lead Researcher is a rank granted to those who've been promoted in the Research Group for assisting with organization and analysis of research projects and helping junior researchers.


Scientists run and administer the projects inside the Research Group. These bright researchers donate hours upon hours to facilitating Pokemon GO research!

Nest Fanatic

You can can be deemed a Nest Fanatic after reporting in 20 Migrations on the Nest Atlas!

Crow's Nester

You can unlock the Crow's Nester rank after reporting in 30 Migrations on the Nest Atlas!

Girafarig Park Ranger

You can unlock the Girafarig Park Ranger rank after reporting in 40 Migrations on the Nest Atlas!


Be a Friend! Enable this avatar by completing your first handshake with another traveler!


Earn Socialite status after conducting 20 handshakes with other traveler on the Road!

Party Animal

Unlock your inner Party Animal when you've amassed 100 handshakes with other Silph Road travelers!

Shiny Hunter

After check-ing in at 3 Community Day events, show off your expertise as a Shiny Hunter with psychedelic colors!

Rival Collector

Earn 7 Arena Achievements to become obtain the Rival Collector Avatar!

Challenger Collector

Earn 15 Arena Achievements to prove your abilities with a Challenger Collector Avatar!

More avatars are available to unlock on the Road to glory (and more will be cataloged here soon - so check back)! Good luck, traveler.