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Silph Study: #000


Raid Reward Changes: October 2018

On October 27th, reports began flooding in that Raid rewards appeared to have changed unexpectedly! In response, the Silph Research Group leapt into action to investigate.  Researchers had soon collected sufficient data to reveal several changes.

This rebalance saw the reduction of certain reward items in exchange for an increase in Stardust:

While travelers might have to be a little more careful with their increasingly precious Golden Razz Berries moving forward, using a Star Piece while completing a Raid now ensures a respectable bundle of 1,125 Stardust as a reward. Trainers should also be aware that potions have become less abundant in lower tier raids’ reward bundles.

Current Bundle Sizes

The Silph Research Group previously uncovered the secrets of raid reward bundles¹. The newly rebalanced rewards fit well into our existing model of ‘reward bundles.’ The following table shows the new sizes of each reward bundle:

Raid Tier Each Cell = 1 Bundle Free²

Bundles: 1-2

Bundles: 2-4

Bundles: 3-6

Bundles: 4-8

Bundles: 4-8

Summary of Changes

While most reward bundles remain unchanged, here is a summary of the changes observed:

  • Stardust rewards have been increased to a base of 750 for all raids.
  • Guaranteed “free” Golden Razz Berry rewards were reduced by 1 for each tier.
  • Non-guaranteed Golden Razz Berry bundles were reduced as follows:

    Old Bundle
    New Bundle

  • Super Potions were reduced to 1 per bundle in tier 1, 2 and 3 raids. Hyper potions (in tier 4 and 5) remain unchanged.
  • There is some indication that the rarity tiers of different bundles may have changed, but more data is required to confirm this.

Parting Words

The prime Golden Razz Berry season appears to have ended as we approach the final days of October, but this change has come with the welcome addition of extra Stardust from all raids. It will be fascinating to see how travelers on the Road adapt to this rebalancing over the coming weeks and months.

The Silph Research Group is continuing to gather data to establish whether additional changes went into effect, such as adjustments to the rarities of different reward bundles or other hidden aspects yet to be uncovered. We hope to see you out there on the road, travelers!

– Lead Researcher Hiti and Scientist WoodWose


¹ Premier Balls gained from the new friendship bonus do not contribute towards the number of bundles received.

² Since November 2017, a free bundle of Golden Razz Berries has been included in each set of raid rewards. These free bundles are still present even if their sizes have now changed, and as such they are displayed separately in the table.