Water Festival 2019: Barboach and Carvanha Shiny Rates

Welcome back, travelers! The Water Festival has arrived with a splash, along with a boatload of awesome bonuses, event-specific field research tasks, and a shakeup of both the egg and raid boss pool. Trainers can also enjoy increased Water-type spawns, and most notably the release of Shiny Barboach and Carvanha! Since the start of the event, our intrepid Silph Researchers have set to work once again to determine the shiny rates of these two new Shiny forms. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see what their efforts have yielded us so far!

8/27/2019 12:30 UTC Final Update

During our 3-day Task Force, researchers encountered 9,958 Barboach and netted a total of 23 shinies. We also recorded 10,386 Carvanha encounters and a total of 20 shinies. Here are the data we gathered along with the 99% Confidence Intervals:

Species Shinies / Encounters Rate (1 in X) 99% Cl (1 in X)
23 / 9,958 450 270 – 795
20 / 10,386 450 310 – 1,000

Thanks to the nearly 20,000 combined encounters, we can conclude that both species are using the standard 1 in 450 shiny rate.

Glad you could stop by. Happy hunting, and safe travels!