Updated Species from Special Lure Modules

April showers bring May…rain powers? Last month, two years after the introduction of special Lure Modules, Pokémon GO debuted the brand-new Rainy Lure Module. In addition to enabling the evolution of Sliggoo, the Rainy Lure attracts Water-, Bug-, and Electric-type Pokémon to PokéStops where it is placed. Eager to identify the species associated with this new item, Silph Researchers dug out their umbrellas and observed over 2,000 spawns from special Lure Modules of all types. Along the way, we splashed unexpectedly into changes to the Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic Lure Module spawn pools! Let’s dive in and see what we’ve uncovered.

A Perfect Ten

As we discovered during our first investigation into special Lure Modules, special Lures attract Pokémon from a limited pool rather than any Pokémon of the appropriate type. Although the original spawn pools had thirteen species each, special Lures now pull from a new group of ten featured Pokémon. As before, approximately half of the Pokémon spawned by a special Lure will be from the list of “boosted species,”¹ and the other half will be from the current wild spawn pool.

You may notice that one Pokémon doesn’t quite fit: despite being Normal-type, Eevee is attracted to both Glacial and Mossy Lures. This is likely because evolving Eevee in proximity to a Glacial Lure guarantees the Glaceon evolution and a Mossy Lure the Leafeon evolution.

Parting Words

Special Lure Modules remain valuable items for many travelers. Whether you’re trying to catch a specific Pokémon, evolve a Lure-locked species, or level up your Picnicker medal, a special Lure will do the trick. Enjoy sharing Lures with your community and stay safe on the Road!


¹ Each chart shows the ten species attracted by a particular special Lure Module, and the percentage of total observed spawns for each Lure that the species represents.

Rainy Lure % Total Spawns Glacial Lure % Total Spawns
Joltik 7.78% Snorunt 8.36%
Surskit 7.78% Snover 8.00%
Spinarak 7.21% Spheal 7.27%
Electrike 5.50% Swinub 5.64%
Psyduck 4.74% Piplup 4.91%
Tympole 4.55% Oshawott 3.64%
Chinchou 3.98% Totodile 3.45%
Stunfisk 3.61% Eevee 3.27%
Tynamo 2.66% Jynx 2.55%
Froakie 1.90% Mantine 2.55%
Mossy Lure % Total Spawns Magnetic Lure % Total Spawns
Bellsprout 8.70% Alolan Geodude 8.82%
Roselia 7.65% Magnemite 7.32%
Oddish 7.47% Aron 6.00%
Venonat 6.76% Pikachu 5.82%
Hoppip 5.34% Nosepass 5.63%
Yanma 4.98% Joltik 3.94%
Eevee 3.38% Voltorb 3.94%
Tangela 3.38% Beldum 3.19%
Cherubi 2.49% Jolteon 2.06%
Sudowoodo 1.78% Electrode 1.69%