Snover and Stantler Shiny Rates

Greetings and Happy Holidays, travelers! The much anticipated Pokémon GO Holidays 2019 event is now upon us. Starting on December 24 and lasting through January 1, Pokémon GO will be introducing a plethora of rewards. From special Field Research tasks to candy, stardust, and XP bonuses, there is something for everyone! Most excitedly, shiny Snover and shiny Stantler wearing bells have began appearing in the wild! What better way to ring in the new year than by encountering one of these? Our Silph Road Researchers have hit the ground running to determine the rarity of the shiny versions of these wintery species.

12/30/2019 3:00 UTC Update

Researchers have gathered data on 5,489 Snover and 520 Stantler since the event began. From these encounters, they have found 11 shiny Snover and 13 shiny Stantler. The estimated shiny rate for Snover does not seem to differ from the standard, unboosted shiny rate (99% confidence interval from 1 in 255 to 1 in 1270). However, these data provide sufficient evidence to reject the standard shiny rate for Stantler (99% confidence interval of 1 in 20 to 1 in 90). We therefore conclude that Stantler currently has a boosted shiny rate. It is unknown whether this rate will apply to the bell-less Stantler after the event is over, but you can bet that the Silph team will be out collecting data to find out!

Until next time, see you on the Road!