Snapshot Encounter Update

Welcome back, travelers! It’s been over two years since we last discussed photobombs. Since then, snapshot encounters have become a staple of many events and Community Days. Even during regular gameplay, we’ve had reports that Smeargle photobombs are easier than ever. It’s high time for an update! Our researchers recorded 272 Smeargle photobombs in 1,366 snapshots. We believe the new rate to be:

1 in 5
99% confidence interval of 1 in 4.37 to 1 in 5.80

This is significantly higher than our previous findings of 1 in 20. Remember, only the first snapshot per photo session is eligible for a daily photobomb encounter, and there is a maximum of 1 encounter per day. Special event and Community Day snapshot encounters are guaranteed on the first attempt and may be encountered multiple times per day. That’s it for now. Keep snapping!

-Lead Researchers PancakeIdentity and Topseeser, Scientist CaroKann, and the Silph Science Seniors