Party Hat Pokémon Shiny Rates

Greetings, travelers! We hope you are ready to party! Pokémon Day was on February 27th, and we are celebrating with the release of shiny party hat Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu and Eevee! The three starter Pokémon can be found in one-star Raid Battles and 7km Eggs, and Eevee and Pikachu are wandering in the wild. While these celebratory Pokémon species are out having a good time, our Silph Road Researchers have been out in the field examining their shiny rates. Let’s take a look to see what they’ve found!

3/1/2020 4:00 Update

For now, we group the five species our researchers are tracking into two groups – the starters and Eevee/Pikachu. There is not enough data on individual species to make conclusions differences in their shiny rates at this time.

Researchers have hatched and raided 445 Kanto starters since the event began, nabbing 11 shinies in the process. This gives a 99% confidence interval around the shiny rate of 1 in 20 – 1 in 100. While not enough data to nail down an exact rate, these data provide strong evidence that the shiny rate for the starter Pokémon is boosted.

In comparison, researchers have encountered 4,213 party hat Eevee and Pikachu, with 7 shinies to show. These data suggest that these two species are using the standard, unboosted shiny rate (99% confidence interval of 1 in 270 – 1 in 2,065).

We hope these data are helpful in your shiny hunting journey. Until next time, see you on the Road, travelers!