A Legendary Return: Groudon Shiny Rate

Greetings, travelers! We are pleased to deliver some news about shiny Groudon, who has awoken from its slumber to challenge trainers in the truly earthshaking battles that are Legendary Raids! Since Groudon’s return, our researchers have been pounding the pavement in a quest to see how its shiny rate compares to that of the 1/20 commonly found in Legendary Raids (Excluding Raid Days). Our estimation of the shiny rate will start out rough, but we’ll narrow the confidence interval as more and more data is collected over the coming days. Let’s take peek at the data so far!

6/30/2019 3:00 UTC Final Update

Researchers have been smashing Groudon Raid Battles across the global, racking up 148 encounters. Of these, 9 Groudon have been shiny. These data lead to a 99% credible interval of:

1 in 9 – 1 in 42

While this dataset is small, it is a strong indication that the shiny rate has remained at 1 in 20. Thanks for stopping by, travelers!