Legendary Raid Day: Suicune Shiny Rate

As a reward for completing the final step in Professor Willow’s Global Challenge, travelers have unlocked a special 3-hour Raid Day with Suicune. From 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time, nearly all gyms will host a Legendary Raid Battle with the Aurora Pokémon. Travelers can spin photo discs at gyms for up to 5 free raid passes during the event to battle this mighty foe. Travelers have seen Suicune in both Raid Battles and Field Research Breakthrough Rewards previously, but this time, every completed Raid Battle will have a chance of rewarding a Shiny Suicune. Past data collected by Silph Researchers during Raid Day events indicate that the probability of receiving the Shiny form is about 1 in 10. Silph Researchers are back on the hunt to confirm or refute this rate. This article will show the data we have collected so far, and will be kept updated throughout the day. Cheers!

8/18/2019 17:00 UTC Final Update

The dust has settled after another exciting Legendary Raid Day. Silph Researchers from all corners of the world have racked up 2422 completed raids and 249 Shiny Suicune during their 3-hour windows. This data combined with our prior knowledge of Legendary Raid Day shiny rates lead us to believe that a shiny rate of:

1 in 10 (99% CI of 1 in 8.4 – 11.4)

was in effect. Until next time!