Legendary Bird Shiny Rates: Moltres!

The dust has now settled from this weekend’s Moltres Day – a high point of the Yokosuka reward week from Professor Willow’s Global Challenge! Through all three of the event’s regional windows, Silph Researchers were hard at work recording Raids in an effort to test our earlier predictions about the Legendary Bird Day shiny rate.


After nearly 5,000 Raids against the final, fiery member of the Legendary Bird trio, the shiny rate for Moltres was observed to follow our expectation at:

1 in 10

with a 95% confidence interval of 1 in 9.4 to 1 in 11.2.

This shiny rate echoes the doubled rate found during Zapdos Day when compared to all other Legendary Raids where a shiny has been a possibility, including Articuno Day.

The question remains: Can we look forward to the continuation of Legendary Days in the near future, perhaps accompanied by shiny variants of the Legendary Beasts? Time will tell! However, the return of the Legendary Bird trio as standard Legendary Raid bosses will be heading our way on September 13th through September 20th, so if you missed out on snagging any shiny forms, you’ll soon have another chance!

– Scientist Ansku –

P.S. Special thanks to the many researchers helping diligently collect data for these controlled studies!