Introducing Community Pages & The Community Ambassador Program

community pages

We’ve seen over four years go by and tens of thousands of communities join since the inception of the Silph League. It’s about time you have an easy to find, shareable hub for all of your community’s info. With support from Niantic, we’re happy to introduce Community Pages!

What are Community Pages?

Community Pages are the newest Silph Road tool designed to help support community leaders and their efforts. A Community Page acts as a gateway to a community, helping new members find and learn about groups in their areas more easily. Community Pages are linked to your Silph League Community on Discord or Telegram with its own personalized URL; it hosts all sorts of information, from location and language to social media links, upcoming events, and more. Thanks to our sponsorship from Niantic, we’re looking at further developing these tools over the coming months to make sure you can connect with your local communities.

Community Info

Community Pages will display:

  • Community name, logo, and location
  • Language(s) spoken in your server
  • Links to community social media accounts
  • List of current admins and staff
  • Community description and focuses (raids, meetups, tournaments, etc.)
  • Community photos
  • Upcoming and past events
  • And more!

Admins will be able to edit the info directly on the Silph Road website, including many tidbits that used to be done via bot command! 

Community admins can claim their Community Page by heading to their Travelers Card and selecting their community from the dropdown at the top of the page. Then, click edit and update the URL so you can share it with your communities!

Level Up Your Community Rank

You might have noticed the Community Rank at the top of each Community Page. Active communities can increase their rank to unlock new perks and gain rewards!

By completing community tasks, communities can progress through 9 ranks and 3 tiers. These tasks are carefully designed to reward communities for being engaged, hosting meetups and tournaments, and generally being a positive, healthy space for their members. Any community can reach the top tiers, not just the ones with the most members.

The Niantic Community Ambassador Program

Admins of communities that reach Mid Tier will have the opportunity to join a special Community Ambassadors Program in conjunction with Niantic. This program will give some special perks, including opportunities to provide feedback, the ability to have your Community Day meetups show on the Local Meetups Map, new resources, and giveaways for your community events! You can learn more about the Niantic Community Ambassador Program and how it works with the Silph Road here. You can also visit their FAQs that is frequently updated.

Parting Words

It’s been an incredible journey building this network of communities and travelers with you over the years, even if life threw us some curveballs along the way. 

There’s already a noticeable increase in community activity during recent months, and we’re so excited to help bring back some of that magic of the first Community Day meetups in 2018.

How can you help? Great question. Spread the word! Encourage your community leaders to claim their card and host meetups. If your community is new or not a part of the Silph League, join today!

You can also help by reporting bugs that you find in the Silph Road and League Discord servers. Let us know what you find and please share your experiences.

We have so many plans in the works to support communities, showcase the amazing work community leaders do, and connect travelers across the globe, so stay tuned!

Travel safe,

– The Silph Road Team –