Evolution Event: Decloaking the Rate of Shiny Burmy

This season of giving has greeted us with another surprise event! As the Friendship Event ends, the Evolution Event begins, because our friends help us to grow and thrive! This event will last from December 5 to December 12, with evolution items dropping from raids, and Pokémon with special evolution requirements appearing more often in the wild, in raids, and in Field Research. Additionally, all three cloaks of Burmy have been spotted in their shiny form. As always, our Silph researchers are out exploring the world and collecting data to determine the shiny rate of the bagworm Pokémon. Let’s see what they’ve found so far!

12/8/2019 16:30 UTC Update

For this event, researchers were given the option to track each of the Burmy cloaks individually, or to pool all observations together. Combining both data sets together, researchers have encountered 9 shiny Burmy in the wild out of a total of 7,207 (99% CI of 1 in 390 – 2300). These data provide quite a bit of evidence for the standard, unboosted shiny rate.

Of these observations, 1,461 were separated out into the individual forms of Burmy. This is too little data to interpret – we’ll have to wait for our researchers to collect more observations! If you are interested in helping with these efforts, aspiring new researchers are always welcome to join our Discord.

Thanks for checking in, and we hope to see you again! Until next time, travelers!