An Early Look at Buddy Candy XL Rates

On March 11, Niantic released several quality of life updates to the Candy XL system. One new feature allows for a buddy Pokémon to potentially find a Candy XL, in addition to regular candy, each time it meets the required walking distance. The ability to choose your buddy gives travelers increased control over which species to prioritize for Candy XL. In just a few short weeks, our researchers walked nearly 2,400 km, for a total of 2,074 regular candy and 1,000 Candy XL! As with several other methods of obtaining Candy XL, we find the rate is closely tied to the Pokémon level.

The graph above shows the likelihood of receiving a Candy XL as a function of the buddy Pokémon level with 95% confidence intervals for each level tested. The buddy Pokémon level is strongly correlated with the likelihood of receiving a Candy XL (Pearson’s correlation p-value <10-16), and we suspect the Candy XL per level closely aligns with the stair-step function observed when transferring Pokémon. At present, we lack enough data from every possible buddy Pokémon level to confidently assert the same system is being used to determine Candy XL for both transferring and walking. While we cannot rule out other factors such as required walk distance, buddy excitement, and species differences, we suspect that their effects would be at most secondary to the buddy Pokémon level.

Parting words

Buddies can be an excellent targeted source of Candy XL. Given that Pokémon level is within the player’s control, we recommend walking buddies at level 31 or higher to maximize the amount of Candy XL received. The power-up investment will likely pay dividends as buddies will produce regular candy alongside Candy XL. That’s it for now, travelers, we hope to see you and your buddies on the road!