Cresselia Shiny Rate

Hello again, travelers! The Silph Research Group is once again on the Shiny hunt, this time with our sights set on the moon Pokémon, Cresselia. This Legendary foe makes its triumphant return to the world of Pokémon GO from May 27th to June 18th, with Groudon and Kyogre just around the corner. Dedicated researchers around the world are hitting the pavement in order to bring you a live shiny rate. Our confidence in Cresselia’s shiny rate will start out low, reflected in a wide confidence interval, but we’ll soon zero in on the exact probability over the next several days. Let’s take a look at the data so far!

6/1/2019 15:00 UTC Update (Final)

In four days of data collection, researchers completed 1758 raids and were rewarded with 85 Shiny Cresselia. This leads us to believe that a shiny rate of:

1 in 20

95% CI of 17 – 27

is in effect. The 1 in 20 rate has previously been used for Legendary raid bosses, and also fits the data well. Thanks for tuning in!