Adventure Week Shiny Rates

The Silph team is back on the shiny hunt! We welcome the shiny forms of Onix, Lileep, and Anorith to the world of Pokémon GO during this year’s Adventure Week, along with a slew of bonuses, raid bosses, 2 km egg additions, and Field Research Tasks. In this Quick Discovery, we’re going to take a glimpse at some early data collected within the Research Group on the new shiny Pokémon! We’ll also give a little interpretation of the data to help guide you on your journey. Let’s dive in!

6/8/2019 13:00 UTC (Final) Update

The Silph team’s Task Force is complete! Researchers have been hard at work collecting data on Onix, Lileep, and Anorith from the wild, Field Research rewards, and raids. We’ve amassed over 30,000 encounters each for Lileep and Anorith, and about 3,300 for Onix. Here’s what we unearthed about their shiny rates:

Onix – 1 in 50 (95% CI of 1 in 45 – 1 in 75)

Lileep – 1 in 450 (95% CI of 1 in 340 – 1 in 545)

Anorith – 1 in 450 (95% CI of 1 in 405 – 1 in 675)

There you have it, travelers! Thanks for tuning in!