Adventure Sync Update: February Egg Changes

Eggs obtained via weekly fitness rewards have their own unique pool of Pokémon species. Some of these eggs are exclusively obtained from fitness rewards, and can’t be obtained from either PokéStops, Gyms, or Gifts. Rewards received for achieving weekly fitness goals this week revealed a new Adventure Sync egg pool. After Silph Researchers carefully isolated, hatched and verified these special eggs, a clear picture of the changes began to emerge.

The New Egg Pool

The following table shows which Pokémon can be found in eggs obtained from Adventure Sync weekly distance rewards after the February 2019 reshuffle, as confirmed by Silph Researchers.


The egg pool was subject to several additions and removals when compared to previous weeks:

25km Tier Changes

The 25km tier has completely changed, with Kanto and Sinnoh starters such as Bulbasaur and Chimchar replaced by an entirely new pool of species, including Finneon, Combee, and Bronzor.

50km Tier Changes

This tier sees the addition of the base evolutions for some pseudo-legendary families, such as Larvitar, Dratini, and Beldum, but the removal of Ralts and Trapinch. Additionally, Buneary has been removed, meaning the 50km reward tier now consists entirely of 10km eggs.

It is possible to receive both a 25km and 50km tier egg if the relevant reward criteria are met and two spaces are available in your egg storage and Pokémon storage.

Other Reward Updates

Alongside the changes to eggs, Adventure Sync Stardust rewards have also increased. Travelers who achieved the 25km distance tier this week received 1,000 Stardust, and those who reached the 50km distance tier were rewarded with an additional 5,000, for a total of 6,000 Stardust (or a cool 9,000 for travelers who used a Starpiece).

Parting Words

The majority of our researchers feel that the new egg pool is an improvement over the previous roster of hatching species, with the removal of Buneary and Trapinch, as well as the addition of several new and sought-after Pokémon. Only time will tell what changes we can expect in the future, so until then, we’ll see you on the road!

– Scientist WoodWose –