2022 Lunar New Year Lucky Trades

Lunar New Year 2022 Lucky Rates

Welcome travelers! The 2022 Lunar New Year event has begun in Pokémon GO, and once again boosted lucky trade rates are part of the festivities. Just how boosted? Well, that’s what the Silph Researchers are seeking to discover!

As in past years (2019, 2020, 2021), we’ll be collecting data on trades throughout the event, and refreshing this post regularly with updated numbers.

[Latest update at 15:05 UTC, February 7.]

Since the beginning of this year’s Lunar Event, researchers have made 3762 trades of new Pokémon with other new Pokémon. 351 of those have gone lucky, for a rate of:

(99% CI 8.15 – 10.59%).

The normal, non-boosted lucky rate for trades involving two new (less than 365 days old) Pokémon is 5%. To ensure we’re focusing our efforts where we can get the most accurate data, researchers are only recording data for non-special trades involving two new Pokémon.

We’ll continue to update these numbers as researchers complete more trades. We hope you continue to enjoy the Lunar Festivities, and we’ll see you on the Road!