Oddish Shiny Rates

Greetings, Travelers! The fourth Safari Zone of the year is now upon us. In celebration of the New Taipei City Safari Zone lasting from October 3 to 6, Oddish spawns have been boosted worldwide! Additionally, the shiny form of the Weed Pokémon has sprouted up from the dirt ripe and green, with lucky trainers now having a chance to encounter Shiny Oddish!

Eager Researchers at the Silph Road are once again hard at work determining the odds of encountering this new shiny species. All data are collected by Researchers not at the New Taipei City event. Stay tuned for updates as more data become available or if anything changes along the way. Finally, let’s take a look at what we’ve found so far!

10/4/2019 03:00 UTC UPDATE

Researchers have so far encountered 10,988 Oddish, with 94 of those being shiny. This means that the shiny rate definitely is boosted, with a 99% confidence interval of:

1 in 91 to 1 in 154

With that being said, we will keep you up to date on the rate should anything change. Here’s hoping your list of recently caught Pokémon is bellossom-ing with shines! Stay safe on the Road, Travelers!