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Silph Study: #000


Lapras Raid Day: Shiny Rate

Lapras Raid Day is underway! Around the world Lapras will be available to challenge for three hours on either May 25th or May 26th from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm local time (check which date on Lucky trainers might even encounter a Shiny Lapras! The Silph Research Group has been hard at work recording data in order to determine the probability of scoring one of these purple beauties. These results are part of ongoing efforts to provide real-time shiny rates to travelers around the world when events are ongoing. Enjoy!

5/26/2019 13:00 UTC Update

Raid Days are complete around the world! Collectively researchers have completed 3065 Lapras Raids, and were able to nab 298 shinies in that many raids, leading to a shiny rate of approximately:

1 in 10

95% CI of 9 – 11

Unsurprisingly, these data indicate that the 1 in 10 shiny rate that has been used in past Raid Days is in effect. This will be the final update of this edition. As a reminder, these data do not imply that the shiny rate for Lapras will remain at 1 in 10 after the end of the event. Only more data will tell! Thanks for tuning in!