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Silph Study: #008


New Changes to Egg Species: June 2017

Two months ago, the Silph Research group discovered Pokemon GO's secret egg rarity tiers and released a full rarity tier chart describing all currently hatchable eggs.

We are now confident that several less-desirable species have recently stopped appearing in eggs altogether, and other species have become more rare.

In the Silph Research group's ongoing analysis of egg species in Pokemon GO, the following has recently been observed:

Species Removed from Eggs

The following six species are no longer hatching from new eggs:

These species ceased appearing in new eggs at or soon after the beginning of the Grass-Type event on May 5th. Eggs acquired and hatched in the subsequent periods, including the Rock-Type event continued to lack these 6 species.

In total, 3,081 eggs were collected post-Grass event by Silph Researchers without these species appearing.

Common Species That Have Become Uncommon

In addition to the 6 species currently retired from egg hatches, two species became less common:

  • Dratini - Changed from Common to Uncommon
  • Pineco - Changed from Common to Uncommon

Though both Dratini and Pineco are 10 km eggs, they were among the most common hatches at the time of our last rarity tier analysis. Today, they are still relatively easy to hatch, and have simply been moved from the Common rarity tier to the Uncommon tier.

Additionally, Scyther's rarity was unclear at the time of last publication, being equally likely to be an Uncommon and Rare hatch. It has become clearer that Scyther was a Rare hatch before, and is still a Rare hatch today.

New Rarity Tier Chart

So, with the above-mentioned changes in mind, travelers, here is the latest rarity chart as verified by the Silph Research group!

Rarity Tier Species
8/257 = 3.11%

4/257 = 1.56%

2/257 = 0.78%

1/257 = 0.39%


Note 1:

Are some species even rarer than Ultra-Rare?

The current data suggest an even more elusive egg category may have begun to appear - the Ultra-Ultra-Rare group.

Identifying these occurances with certainty requires a lot more data, which is difficult to acquire due to their scarcity.

The Silph Research group's current hypothesized species in this tier are: Shuckle, Wobbuffet, Dunsparce, and Girafarig which have only half the likelihood of other ultra-rares. This list may be incomplete or may even contain erroneous pokemon. However, these species are the current top candidates for this new rarity tier.

We will continue to monitor their occurrences.

Parting Words

The removal of these 6 species is great news, and we're glad to see that change! We're also happy to see Dratini is still a relatively common hatch in the new rarity tiers.

We owe much thanks to the hardworking folks in the Silph Research group for pounding the pavement and contributing their data in the Silph Research group's controlled setting.

Happy hatching, travelers!


This finding was shared on our subreddit on June 1, 2017.