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Silph Study: #000


Alolan Eggs: The Ground and Rock Shake-up

On the 20th of July, The Silph Research Group’s researcher-walkers were met with a new surprise – the Ground/Steel-type Alolan Diglett and the Rock/Electric-type Alolan Geodude began hatching from 7 km gifted eggs for the first time since their debut in Pokémon GO.

To root out potential rarity tier changes, the researchers in the Silph Research Group laced up their sneakers and hit trails, sidewalks, and roads to hatch a new crop of 7km eggs!

After 450 freshly gifted and hatched eggs, the Research Group has found that the 7km egg rarity tiers have undergone a major shake-up! Here are the new overhauled rarity tiers:

Hatch Rate Pokémon Rarity Tier Hatch Rate
19% Uncommon 4/21
19% Uncommon 4/21
19%    Uncommon 4/21
19% Uncommon 4/21
19% Uncommon 4/21
5% Ultra-Rare 1/21


#1: Vulpix Now More Common! For many, the most exciting news resulting from this recent reshuffle will come in the form of Alolan Vulpix. This Pokémon appears to have vacated its position in the Hyper-Rare Tier for the first time, moving into the slightly more obtainable Ultra-Rare Tier (changing from 1/29 to 1/21 overall probability). Although this elusive Ice-type will still be difficult to hatch, travelers will find it significantly more common when compared to its previous rarity status, even with the addition of two new species to the egg pool.

#2: Grimer Now More Common! Travelers who have been following the previous changes in rarity tiers may notice that Alolan Grimer has moved from the Rare to the Uncommon Tier much like Alolan Sandshrew did in the previous shakeup reported on July 6th.

#3: Goodbye Rattata! Another change that will delight many on the Road is that the latest batch of 7 km eggs did not yield a single verified Alolan Rattata. Could this indicate that both varieties of this Pokémon are now gone from eggs for good? Time will tell. Regardless, it seems that for now we have been granted a reprieve from the tropical rodent invasion.

Parting Words

This shake-up represents the most significant change to Alolan Eggs yet, adding both more variety to the egg pool and increasing attainability for those rarer Alolan Pokémon such as Grimer and Vulpix. The current pool may be one of the best chances travelers will have to hatch an Alolan Vulpix for some time, so consider busting out those incubators again!

Until next time, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on any further egg developments. Stay safe out there, travelers!

– Scientist WoodWose –

P.S. Thanks (as always) to Scientist Titleist12 for running the numbers on our ever growing Alolan dataset!