Silph Study: #030

Published: 02.18.2020

Reflecting on Pokémon GO Shiny Rates I: Boosted Wild Rates

The first installment in our three-part series reflecting on shiny rates in Pokémon GO. We'll be taking a look at boosted shiny rates for Pokémon you can find in the wild.

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Valentine's 2020: Chansey Shiny Rates

Our love-struck researchers set out to find the probability of encountering the shiny form of Chansey during the Valentine's Day Event. Let's take a look at the data they gathered!

Lickitung Raid Day Shiny Rates

Researchers battled Lickitung across the globe during its Raid Day in order to determine the probability of encountering a shiny Lickitung.!

Sinnoh Celebration- Riolu and Hippopotas Shiny Rates

Researchers are tracking shiny rates for Riolu and Hippopotas throughout the Sinnoh Celebration. Come see what we've found!

GO Battle League Reward Encounter Mechanics

Silph Scientist PiFlavour has analyzed several videos from GO Battle League Pokémon rewards. They've determined that these encounters are moderately "hyperactive", attacking/dodging more frequently than most other encounter types. Check out the full analysis here!

Minccino Day Shiny Rates

Researchers have returned from their Minccino hunts over the weekend and have data to report on their shiny rate! Plus a small analysis on the distribution of shinies across researchers.

Lunar New Year 2020: Lucky Friends

Silph researchers have been collecting data to determine the rate of acquiring Lucky Friends during the Lunar New Year event. Check out what we've found!

Lunar New Year Event- Shiny Gyarados and Magmar Rates

Silph researchers are hunting red and shiny Pokémon alike! Come check out what we've discovered about the shiny rates of Gyarados and Magmar.

An Update on 2020 Lunar New Year Event Lucky Trades

Based on data collected by our researchers during the second day of the 2020 Lunar New Year Event, the lucky trade rate has been increased to approximately the rate observed during the 2019 Lunar New Year Event.

Lunar New Year 2020: Lucky Trades

One day into the 2020 Lunar New Year Event, and Silph researchers have determined that the probability of receiving lucky Pokemon from trades involving Pokémon caught less than one year ago has NOT been boosted.