Silph Study: #037

Published: 11.29.2020

Souvenir Survey: Universal Souvenirs

In this article, we take a wider view of the souvenir landscape after Silph researchers collected more than 9,500 souvenirs. Are there more souvenirs that are linked to real-world locations? Why are Tropical Flowers found in northern Norway? I’m nowhere near a desert, why does my buddy bring me Cactus Fruits?

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Silph Study: #036

Published: 11.10.2020

Special Lure Module Spawn Patterns

One of the core assumptions when playing and researching Pokémon GO is that different events in the game are independent from one another. However, the Silph Research Group has uncovered an in-game mechanic where a clear dependence between successive events does exist: Special Lure Modules. The findings in this article, comprising data from more than 13,000 spawns recorded over the course of many months, provide an example that breaks this long-held assumption...

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Silph Study: #035

Published: 11.10.2020

Reflecting on Pokémon GO Shiny Rates III: The Base Rate

In the final installment of our "Reflection on Shiny Rates" series, we delve into the Base Shiny Rate and speculate on the exact values used for each of the identified rates.

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October Event Shiny Rates

Our team of eager researchers spent the month of October fervently tracking down Shiny Pokémon and meticulously recording data. Let's take a look at what their efforts tell us about the various shiny rates.

Silph Study: #034

Published: 09.29.2020

Souvenir Survey: Skipping Stones

Buddy Pokémon can find a variety of unique souvenirs, some of which have proven more difficult to collect than others. Silph researchers were interested in studying these souvenirs because of their apparent links with different environments and real-world features. This article focuses on one souvenir in particular: Skipping Stones.

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Mega Event Shiny Rates

The stars of Mega September are the new Mega Raid Bosses. After besting Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, and Mega Blastoise, trainers may encounter a shiny! Additionally, Ledyba's shiny form has been released into the wild! Silph researchers decided to investigate the new shiny rates. This is what we found!

Silph Study: #033

Published: 08.25.2020

Mythbusters Part I: Influences on Pokémon Movesets

In our first installment of the Silph Research Group's new Mythbusters series, we turn our attention to Pokémon movesets. In this study, Silph researchers examined several factors that could potentially influence a Pokémon's moveset upon evolution...

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Ultra Unlock 2020: Unova Week Genesect and Roggenrola Shiny Rates

Excited to encounter shiny Deoxys, Genesect, Roggenrola , and Unown, researchers popped some incense, used some raid passes, and set out carefully to help figure out the shiny rates of these Pokémon. Here's what we found!

Deino: Reviewing Dragon Week Hatches

The advertised stars of the Dragon Week egg pool were Gible and Deino. Numerous Gible hatches were observed during the first day of the event, but it took until day three for a single Deino hatch to be reported by the Silph Research Group! Later, anecdotal reports suggested that Deino hatch rates may have increased...

GO Fest 2020 Shiny Rates

Previously, it has been practically impossible for the Silph Research Group to collect enough data from inside localized events like GO Fests and Safari Zones. However, as location was not as important during Pokémon GO Fest 2020, we decided it was the perfect time to uncover the event’s shiny rates!