A Call For Researchers

Help Us Study the World of Pokemon GO!

Unexplained mechanics, rumors, and mysteries abound in Niantic's Pokemon GO - and the Silph Research group's mission is to study and illluminate them while growing the Silph Road network! If you'd like to help uncover the mechanics that drive the Pokemon GO world, come join the Silph Research group and help TSR become an even more awesome resource.

Here's how our Research Group operates

  1. Join our chat server (via a free Discord account) to join project groups
  2. Silph Scientists are available therein to answer questions
  3. Several projects are running simultaneously - choose those that interest you and start contributing data!
  4. Findings are published periodically and are distributed around the world via TSR's channels

New Researchers are currently being accepted! If this sounds like something you're cut out for, then let's get researching, traveler!

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