Field Update

Gen III Site Updates! The Nest Atlas Gets New Tools

Gen III is here, travelers!  And that means we need new resources, stats, move data, and more.

Fortunately, the Silph Road’s online resources have just been updated to include all the latest stats and move data!

  1. Check out the Global Pokedex which has all the Gen III species, moves, and stats (as well as all past generations).
  2. And don’t miss the Species Stats page, which allows you to quickly see how the new Gen stacks up!

But perhaps even more significant, the Silph Road team has something exciting to announce this evening:

The Gen III Global Nest Atlas

The Nest Atlas has helped our travelers collaborate with local players to map and identify nesting species for over a year.

But today, we’re rolling out one of the largest upgrades to the Nest Atlas ever.  Effective immediately, the following are all waiting for you on the Nest Atlas:

  • Better Data: Every report now asks two important figures: how long you visited the nest, and how many nesting specimens you saw
  • Permanent vs temporary nest information: We’ve restructured the report history in each Nest to create a space for permanent, background information about each Nest. Things like spawn point locations, closing times, and other notable logistics about the area can now persist (instead of disappearing into the scrollback)!
  • At a Glance Metrics: We also take this new, richer data collection and provide an ‘average’ to help our travelers get a sense of how fruitful the average trip to that nest will be. (If you see a knucklehead reporting inaccurate numbers – pm /u/dronpes and we’ll see them into the shadow zone!)
  • Star Ratings for the Park Itself: A big part of nest exploring is heading to new places. This little metric is a handy way to let folks know if a nest is really a bummer or if it’s worth the visit!
  • A New Density Filter: While this likely won’t get much use, we still threw it in as it’s a fun way to see the most lucrative nests in your area (or the world). It’s also a great way for us to quickly find knuckleheads to ban, incidentally.
  • Gen III Species: Obviously, all the Hoenn species are now reportable, and we’ve included a Gen III filter in the Species Filter so you can prioritize these nests!

We hope you’ll join us, travelers, in keeping your corner of the Atlas up-to-date!

…but to incentivize your awesome efforts a little bit…

Traveler Cards are right around the corner. These will be a public player profile, look-up-able by your in-game name, and will be a place to show off certain accomplishments. Consistent contributors to the Nest Atlas’ data collection efforts will be eligible for a little hard-earned recognition on the Traveler Cards.

Happy hunting!