Field Update

Announcing Travelers Cards & the Silph League: A Player Network for Pokemon GO!

It’s a glorious day on the Road, travelers.

The Silph Team has been working hard (and drinking an alarming amount of Dr Pepper) to bring a long-awaited dream of ours to reality in time for the Silph Road’s 2nd birthday and the 1st Community Day. We think you’re going to love it. Without further ado:

The Silph Road Network Has Just Evolved!

A series of new features and capabilities have just come to the Silph Road. Namely:

1. Public Traveler Cards

It’s about damn time we had Traveler Cards in this community. 🙂 Those who’ve been around since our inception two years ago know the Silph Road team has always wanted to provide our travelers with public profiles folks can look up and share.

That day has come!

Not only do you get an awesome, personal Travelers Card on the Road, but you also get a sexy short link to it! Check it out:

This is also now the quickest way to look up a trainer from a gym – just give us a little time to roll out to the rest of the community. 🙂

2. Handshakes

Handshakes: are a way to confirm you’ve “met” a traveler in-person, and map your network visually. Collect more contacts to grow your network on the Road!

These need to be conducted in-person! We have ways of detecting (and retroactively removing and punishing) those handshakes that are conducted by folks in different places. 🙂

When you next get together with folks, handshake your Traveler Cards and watch your network grow!

3. The Silph League: A New Community Map!

The Silph League: is a global outreach initiative from the Silph Road to all (non-spoofing) local player communities. We are creating a literal map to the community, connected by @SilphBot.

This is a long-overdue initiative in the GO community, and we hope we can count on all our travelers to encourage their local Discord admins to join the map. Here’s a link you can send them:

Adding your Discord server to the Silph League not only puts the server on the map for new trainers to find andmanages sending invites for the whole community, it also enables special features for Traveler Cards and in-person meetups. Local Discord leadership will have special abilities over their communities in the Silph Road network.

Please help us reach out to any location-based GO Discords in your area, travelers. Even communities that subscribe to playstyles we don’t here on the Road (e.g. employing scanners or unapproved 3rd party tools) are invited to list their communities in the League – and are designated such in their listing. The Silph League is not about dividing the community over playstyles – it’s about community and making Pokemon GO a more rewarding, welcoming place. While the Silph Road team is not changing our guidelines in our our own Discord, forum boards, and channels regarding play in the spirit of the game, the Road has always been a minority in this regard (which is just fine by us!). The GO community is much bigger than the Road, however, and we want all trainers to join the network and help bring more meaningful experiences to GO.

4. Achievement Badges

You’ll notice that your Traveler Card has room for … badges!

These are earned. There are many different ways to earn badges on the Silph Road network (one example is handshaking with a major PokeTuber in-person)!

We have several unlockable achievements already in the system, and we’ll be rolling out many new achievements for your Travelers Cards in coming days. We’re also always open to creative ideas about meaningful milestones to hit. 🙂

Badges will soon show a rarity count when clicked on – meaning you’ll see just how many of those badges exist in the global community and what # you were to receive the badge!

What’s on Deck

The Silph Road team has a lot of exciting new opportunities with this v0 of the network launched.

Some of the awesome stuff in the pipeline:

  • Unlockable avatars on your Travelers Card
  • The ability to pick your top 6 Pokemon on your Travelers Card
  • Many other aesthetic and customization unlockables
  • The ability to merge Google + Reddit OAuth so you can just use the super slick Google one-tap to authenticate moving forward
  • Super sexy graph visualizations once you unlock enough verified handshakes
  • Super smart AI that detects faked handshakes and kicks knuckleheads out of the network in shame
  • A female base traveler avatar (sorry ladies – everyone looks like “Confused Dronpes” ftm!)
  • And a whole bunch more, but we don’t want to overpromies… 🙂

Parting Words

We’ve waited for this day for a long time, travelers.

We can’t wait to start getting you all hooked up with your achievement badges, visualizing your network, connecting the GO community, and moving the Road onto the next great adventure.

How can I help, you ask? Wow, great question. Spread the word! The more Discords we have in the Silph League, the more connected the community becomes. Report bugs! We have a new #bug_reports channel in the Silph Road’s Discord. Let us know what you encounter – or even any great ideas you have.

Together, we can give Pokemon GO the serious player network we’ve envisioned for a long time.

What are you waiting for? Go claim your Travelers Cards!

Travel Safe,

– Executive Dronpes –