Field Update

The Apple Watch app! What's new in our APK Mine of Pokemon GO v0.51.0

With little fanfare, v0.51.0 of Pokemon GO began propagation and was followed by a short announcement with very few formal release notes:

  • The bug that caused incorrect vibration notifications has been fixed.

  • Day and night modes have changed to more accurately reflect the Trainer's current time of day.

  • Minor text fixes.

    Fortunately, the APK code shows a few more interesting changes taking place under the surface. The Silph Road has audited the APK to see what could be learned:

    1. Apple Watch code now appears in the app!

    New code for the long-awaited Apple Watch has finally been added in this latest version.

    Many new references to the watch 'faces' and interactions are showing. Code to sync KMs walked has appeared, along with a few other tie-ins to the main app (e.g. the Pokedex). We are not able to see how Apple HealthKit has been integrated, and whether the watch itself will be involved in tracking KMs.

    The main app will 'know' when a watch is paired with the app, and appears to be able to push notifications to the watch.

    This is exciting news for Apple Watch owners, and hopefully will bring future support for Android wear as well!

    2. New Avatar Customizations: Gloves and Socks!

    Apparently, some new avatar customization options are slotted to appear in the app. We've all been crying for customizeable socks, and fortunately our prayers have been answered. ;) Gloves also appear to have customization options.

    We look forward to being able to take advantage of the many avatar options heading our way.

    There are also references to marking avatar customization items as viewed. This, in our opinion, may point to items appearing due to some in-game feat via a notification that gets resolved once you've inspected the new customization item. (An exciting thought!)

    3. Time of Day Tweaks

    As announced, it appears the app will use the local time when dictating whether Day mode or Night mode will occur. This is interesting when considering the potential day/night-specific spawn mechanics that may be appropriate for some future species.

    Notably, however, there is no code pointing towards enabling this at this point, and it would be a large-scale change to spawning algorithms server-side, to say the least. It is, in our opinion, unlikely that relying on the client device's time would impact spawns in any way.

    4. More Support for Shiny Variants and Pokemon Genders

    Additional new code was added to support Pokemon genders as well as small additions to the Shiny Pokemon variants. No changes have appeared in the GAME_MASTER file that would lead us to believe that either is active at this point.

    Parting Words

    In total, this is a small update for those using the device on phones - but huge news for those looking to use the upcoming Apple Watch app. It would not surprise us to see an official announcement before the end of the year.

    We're looking forward to Shiny Pokemon, Genders, and the upcoming avatar options! The future of the game looks bright, travelers. Have a happy holidays!

    Travel safe,

    - Executive Dronpes -