Field Update

Join Us in Dortmund! Meetups Details, Collectibles, and the PvP Championships!

The Silph Road is once again heading to Dortmund for GO Fest and we’d like to invite you to come hang out with the team! As always, the Silph Road is hosting several complementary activities for our travelers – here’s a run-down for those looking to make the most of their trip:

1. Hangouts, Handshakes, and the GO Fest Travelers Card Badge!

Come say hi at one of our ‘walking meetups’ inside Westfalenpark on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. And don’t forget to ‘check-in’ with Silph Road volunteers to collect the Dortmund GO Fest Jirachi Badge for your Travelers card as a memento! Find us inside the park anytime by checking our current location on the Nest Atlas – just look for the Silph Road emblem!

On your ‘non-ticket days’ we’ll also be hanging out outside the park at all three of Niantic’s satellite locations around Dortmund! Come play with us and snag some new handshakes, the Jirachi Badge, or just hang out with the team!

Local Time Satellite Zone
Thursday 15:30 Reinoldikirche
Friday 15:00 Phoenix-West
Sunday 13:00 Westfalenhallen

Keep an eye out for Silph Road team members over the weekend or find us on the Nest Atlas. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

2. Find Familiar Faces on the Map!

Many well-known (and some lesser-known!) community figures can be spotted moving around Dortmund the weekend of GO Fest on the Nest Atlas map! Take a peek at the Atlas’ map throughout the weekend and you can locate characters who’ve made notable impacts on the Pokemon GO community!

3. Compete in an Open Qualifier Tournament!

Itching to prove you’re the very best? The Silph Arena will be hosting multiple 6-Round Open Qualifier tournaments on Thursday and Friday, from which at least one winner will receive a coveted wildcard ticket to compete at the European PvP Championships on Saturday! Each tournament will host up to 46 players and the winners of all Opens will compete for their shot at a wildcard ticket on Saturday morning!

Local Time Location RSVP Link
Thursday 15:00 Westpark – North Link
Thursday 15:00 Westpark – South Link
Thursday 19:00 Westpark – North Link
Thursday 19:00 Near Dortmunder U Link
Friday 13:00 Near Dortmunder U Link
Friday 18:00 Eastside of Westfalenhallen U Link
Friday 19:00 Westpark – North Link
Friday 19:00 Near Dortmunder U Link

Friday the 28th of July registration for these Open Tournaments will go live at 20:00 local time (18:00 UTC) and slots will be confirmed first-come first-serve. For more information about the Open Qualifiers at Dortmund, read: here!

4. European PvP Championship & Viewing Party!

Sixty-three of Europe’s most elite competitors have been invited to compete in the Silph Arena’s European Championship after conquering their local Regions! The final 8 who survive the Group Stage will compete in the European Finals on Saturday 6th July at 21:00 in front of a live audience and worldwide stream viewers!

The Silph Arena is hosting a viewing party where roughly 200 spectators and PvP enthusiasts will be able to watch the most elite battlers in Europe compete for the Championship title! Tickets must be purchased in advance (no walk-ins!) and cost 15 Euros – but space at the Championships venue is extremely limited! Tickets go on sale Friday 28 June at 19:00 UTC. For more information, read here!

Take Note! The European Championships will be operated differently from Chicago’s N. American Championships 2 weeks ago. Chicago was the Arena team’s very first Championships event – and it was riddled with issues. While these were crushing to the Arena’s volunteer team (and disappointing to many spectators who joined us), most of them could have been prevented – and the Arena is committed to taking those hard-learned lessons and iterating upward so Arena events can be the amazing memory and piece of Pokemon history they should be.

The Arena team has been working around the clock to make sure things run smoothly and successfully so the continent’s best can throw down!

This event is primarily for PvP enthusiasts and those seeking to watch the Championship – and while there will be drinks, Meltan boxes, familiar YouTubers, and possibly even a Dueling Corner… watching the Finals tournament will be the focus of the evening!

If you can’t make it to the viewing party, tune in live at 21:00 local (19:00 UTC) for the European Finals live-stream hosted by some familiar Arena commentators on the Arena’s official Twitch channel ( or follow real-time updates on the Arena’s Twitter (@silphgg) and subreddit (/r/TheSilphArena). It will be a fight to remember!

Tickets are now for sale (until we hit capacity):

5. Stay Up-To-Date on the Silph Road’s Summer Events Discord Server!

Looking to coordinate trades in advance? Have questions about Dortmund travel or logistics? Get help and stay up-to-date by joining our Summer Events Discord Server!

p.s. We’ve created this handy graphic for quick reference on mobile devices. It contains a comprehensive summary of all Silph Road activities in Dortmund. Enjoy!