Field Update

Holiday 2018 Event: New Pokemon, Shinies, & Bonuses!

Happy Holidays, travelers!

The Holiday 2018 event has begun – and it’s brought new Pokemon, shinies, eggs, Raid bosses, and a chain of back-to-back bonuses from now into the new year! You can find a new live countdown of all these bonus windows on our newly-overhauled homepage!

To help you make sense of the holiday fun, here’s a concise summary of everything that’s come to Pokemon GO so far in this event:

10 New Wild Species!

Several brand new species to Pokemon GO have arrived:

  • Skorupi (evolves into Drapion – found in the wild)
  • Finneon (evolves into Lumineon – found in the wild)
  • Bronzor (evolves into Bronzong – found in the wild)
  • Snover (evolves into Abomasnow – found in the wild)
  • Croagunk (evolves into Toxicroak – found in the wild)

New Shinies

  1. Shiny Azurill has been hatched from 7km eggs – and its whole family is a beauty:
  2. Shiny Delibird has also been encountered in the wild!
  3. Just to confirm, shiny Santa Hat Pikachu has been encountered in the wild and Shiny Santa Hat Pichu is hatching this season as well.

Raid Bosses

  • Heatran is our new reigning T5 Legendary
  • The rest of the Raid bosses are being reported in the Research Group’s megathread and are updating live on the site here: We’ll know the full roster soon!

Eggs (3 New Species!)

  • MantykeMunchlax, and Chingling have been hatched in 7km eggs!
  • Smoochum, Azurill, and Munchlax have increased hatching odds in 7km eggs
  • The Research Group is running a task force to identify any other additions/changes/removals from the egg pool. This data is being updated live here: Last time it took us <48 hours to confirm every addition and removal – so stay tuned!


  • Once per day, spinning a PokéStop will award a free single-use Incubator until January 2! (That’s over a dozen free incubators!)

Avatar Items

  • New Delibird-themed avatar cosmetics are available in the shop – namely this glorious ugly sweater, earmuffs, boots, and gloves.


  • Double Catch/Transfer Candy: December 18 to December 22,
  • Double Catch Stardust: December 22 to December 26
  • Double XP: December 26 to December 30
  • 1/2 Incubator Distance: December 30 to January 2

(Remember countdowns for these windows are now mobile-optimized on the homepage!)

Overall, it’s going to be an awesome event! Happy holidays, travelers!