Field Update

Hints of A Holiday Event?

When the Silph Road team published our APK mine an hour or so ago, there was one more finding that we were not ready to mention. (Fev Games did mention it in their own teardown, however.)

The Apple Watch update is clearly the biggest update to the APK this round, but many have asked about the possibility of a holiday event.

Manage your hype responsibly, travelers. :) We're about to grasp at some straws:

There is a chance something might happen over the holiday:

#1: Gift Box Graphics

'Present/gift' graphic assets have been added in this version:

Not much has been added code-wise related to these, but their filenames are tiered from Bronze to Gold and then with Special/Great/Ultra variants.

#2: The Code

We've only been able to identify a tiny hint that may be related to the above graphics. A metadata attribute named


is appearing in relation to the Shop.

#3: The Shop Button Variant

Finally, a variant of the Shop button has appeared:

Rather than a new UI element, our theory is that this is simply a variant of the standard shop button, that will be replaced when 'holiday items' are waiting.

Putting it All Together

There's not much added code here, travelers. Daily bonuses came with many more obvious changes than this, and this is potentially a similar type of bonus.

But if this were to happen, and v0.51.0 were to be a forced update sometime very soon (this event wouldn't work without one, as the graphic assets are needed for the event) we could potentially be looking at some sort of "holiday items" showing up in a box and being visible from the menu via a colored 'Shop' page.

There is no code showing that you would have to purchase these items, but that doesn't rule it out.

Our guess, though (and we're truly grasping at straws - remember) is that there may be some holiday freebies showing up in pretty packages with bows sometime soon.

- Executive Dronpes -