Field Update

Earn the New February Community Day League Badge!

With Telegram now in the League, the Silph League has swollen to over 2,500 communities authorized to grant the League Badge this Community Day!

All you have to do to earn this ‘lovely’ League Badge permanently for your Travelers Card is attend a meetup and check-in with your local event staff on February 24th, 2018!

Last Community Day we had a veritable army over 2,000 volunteer staff checking travelers in at meetups around the world!


How do I find a meetup near me?

Just look at the League Map and join a listed community. Confirm that they’ll be holding a meetup on Community Day and that they’ll be checking folks in!

Is Shiny Dratini confirmed?

No! But Shiny Dratini Badge is. (Personally, I’d bet an incubator we’ll see some pink dragons…)

What if there’s no meetup near me?

Start one! Simply spin up a (free and easy) Discord, get at least one other friend to join, then follow the instructions here to get started and here to get authorized for badge check-ins!

What if I’m on Facebook/GroupMe/Slack/etc?

Only your event staff need to be verified via Discord or Telegram. So simply spin up a free Discord server, have your staff join it, follow the instructions in the question above, you’ll be all set to handle check-ins for the rest of your community!

For Community Leaders

Community leaders can follow these instructions to join the League:

and Discord leaders can follow these to set up their event staff for their meetup:

On Telegram it’s even easier – just DM @SilphBot and type /events to set up your staff!

Remember: We recommend authorizing a good number of staff – don’t try to handle it all yourself, or you’ll be swamped! (One per 10 attendees is a fine baseline!)