Code of Conduct

For Community Leaders in the Silph League

The mission of the Silph League is to enrich the Pokemon GO community through the coordinated effort of Community Leads around the world.

All League members follow the League's Code of Conduct. Namely:

1. Keep the @SilphRoad Bot Up-To-Date

Community Leads are expected to keep their community settings up-to-date and accurate via the @SilphRoad bot. Particularly, coordinates and (for Telegram groups) public invite URLs if enabled.

2. Good Faith Effort to Participate in League Events

League members are expected to read/remain up-to-date on League #announcements and are strongly encouraged to do their part in advancing League programs and features by participating, sharing, or communicating when feasible. Together we can do great things!

3. No GPS Manipulation (Spoofing)

GPS manipulation or 'spoofing' is not permitted nor advocated in the League. We are a geolocated network of communities, aiming to foster in-person play. Community Leads are expected to not advocate spoofing GPS coordinates in administrative capacities within their League communities.

4. Be Welcoming and Friendly (Non-Descrimination)

The League is no place for rudeness, descrimination, harassment, or any number of inappropriate behaviors. We're here to enable others to have a great time playing the game and make connections.

Conduct in Official League Servers & Channels

Additionally, In League channels and servers we abide by a few guidelines:

1. Keep it chill

In the League's server/groups, professionalism and maturity are expected of all Community Leads. The League is not a place for rudeness, aggression, offensive statements or crassness, moral debates, or other irritating behaviors. League Discords and channels are a place to discuss, coordinate, and get to know other admins and mods and around the world in a constructive, courteous manner.

2. No Self-Promotion

Self-promotion is not permitted in the League. Sharing free resources is very welcome, but do not spam your creations in the League's channels.

3. Avoiding Controversial Topics

Avoid discussing religion, politics, or heated ethical debates here. Our community comes from many different political and theological ideologies. We have much in common across all borders, friends - here we focus on those things.

If YOU see something inappropriate for a League channel, send a private message to any Warden or Ranger, and they will take the appropriate action. Thanks for helping keep the League a constructive, awesome place.

We look forward to doing great things together, friend!

Travel safe.

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